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30 Cute Outfits Ideas to Wear with Jordans for Girls Swag

When I first heard about Jordans I thought they were another spin off of sneakers as I was completely uneducated in them. However, after looking more into them, Jordans bring that nice transition from sneakers into trainers with a bit more zing and that zing is the world renowned Michael Jordan. So bear the basketball and sporting influence in mind when using them! But what to wear with Jordans? What style would suit you? This article will give you a few ideas on ideal outfits to wear with jordans.

Even though Jordans are often seen throughout the sport, hip hop, street and urban styles it is not uncommon to categorise looks into two sectors of girly and tomboy(check best outfits for tomboy look). This will make it easier for you to discover your own unique style.

Outfits for the Girly Girl

Jordans can be a great item of footwear for adding a bit of volume to a plain or printed fitted dress. This outfit idea will give your image shape and attitude whilst flaunting your figure without too much complication. Bear in mind that Jordans come in a range of styles and colours so let your shoes bring the POW! to you outfit. Short shorts are a great garment to match with this shoe style as they will accentuate your leg shape. Denim and Jordans will compliment each other beautifully due to bright colours bringing out the denim.

Jordans are an ideal shoe for women with a potential athletic physique. This is due to the origin of the shoe and the way they came to light. They ooze athleticism so use this to its full prospective.

Outfits for the Tomboy

Baggy jackets, tank tops, baggy trousers or shorts are all fantastic clothing items to wear with Jordans. Depending on what your personal preference is, wearing these shoes with a tomboy twist is much easier. Baggy jeans or trousers will continue the chunkiness theme down to your shoes. Add a tank top or vest to this outfit and Voila! A sporting influenced, yet elegantly simple outfit including your eye-catching Jordans is achieved.Skinny jeans will also compliment a pair of Jordans as they keep leg shape and then finish with a lovely chunky shoe. They may well hide ankles (which may be preferable for tomboys) but this is not an issue as they give the figure a toned, sleek and athletic look.


Matching Accessories with Jordans

Try to keep accessories colour co-ordinated with Jordans. Too many different colours can look messy and will take focus off your footwear. For example, if wearing red trimmed Jordans, accessorise with a few red bangles, a red necklace or even red rimmed sunglasses. This way colour tones are flowing and your outfit will look much more harmonised.





Have a look at these gorgeous chicks in jordans  below and create your own look .Also Check out how some other celebrities wear their Jordans.

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how to wear shorts with jordans

hot girls wearing shorts and jordans

Sporty Look.

sexy tumblr jordan girls

Casual style with Jordan Footwear

sexy chicks in jordans

Jordans with Leather Pants.


Retro Air Jordan Shoes with tights

Swag with High Jordans

high school girls jordan outfits


Winter outfit.


polyvore girls jordan outfits

Red tights with jordans

plus size girls in jordans

Golden jordans shoes

Green Jordans with Leather Skirts.

girls in green jordans

short height girls in jordans

Summer outfit


Swag with Jordans Sneakers


Military Style.


how to wear jordans for college

Cute jordan outfit for young girls.


Mickey with Jordans




Short Dress with Jordans street style.


jordans with skirts


Fancy trying some jordan heel ?

Jordan Pumps heels


jeans with white jordans


girls with big boobs in air jordans

Style it with baggy camouflage trouser.


black girls in jordans

Celebrities in Jordan Shoes.



ciara in Air Jordan 5

Rihana tomboy look with jordans.


celebrities in air jordans


zendaya in jordans

Rita ora Shows us how to wear jordans with skirts in perfect way.

Rita Ora nude pic

Rihana wearing jordans with skinny jeans


Rihanna in the Jordan

girls wearing jordans and shorts


 Kim pairing them with leather tights .Kim Kardashian in Jordan

Kate Upton nude in jordans

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