Wednesday, 31 December 2014

17 Cute Winter WorkWear Outfits For Women For Elegant Look

Today outfit trends bring 17 cute winter work wear outfits for women.Ideas how you can dress up elegantly at officer during winter season.

If you don’t have to wear a uniform to your office then getting dressed for the work can be difficult and challenging. It is indeed a daily test of patience. But not to worry as we are bringing you some great and simple ideas for office wear attire. Nothing can be more challenging than selecting an outfit to be worn in winters. All you need is a little guidance and tips. If you are not good at deciding then you must read this post as we will help you with different ideas and tips. You all know that we all wish to look fashionable every single day.

In the last article we talked about best outfits for working women for all season.Since its winter season so you need to choose those dress which are warm/cozy and comfortable to put on too.We desire to look good and decent  every time but deciding what to wear to work can be challenging and confusing. Working women prefer to wear simple clothes that are easy to carry between 9 and 5 time job. Therefore today’s topic is completely dedicated to working women. By wearing good clothes and carrying yourself well will get you through every job challenge. It is not necessary that you start spending money on expensive clothes. You can always start from the lowest range and pick the most affordable pieces for yourself.

If you want to wear skirts in winter for work then it is recommended to style them with over knee high boot or with some stylish thigh high stockings.For winters you can always go for a black dress with a white coat. You need to know the dress codes that recommend various types of business attire for the office. For a formal meeting you need to dress up according to it and for a normal working day you can select the business attire that suits you.  Few of the companies recommend their employees to wear business causal dress with jackets and coats and few allow jeans as everyday attire at work. With all of this recommendations and rules employees to get confused. They do have trouble deciding what is an  appropriate dress code to wear to work. Well we will help you out with plenty ideas.

Wearing long coats at job is very common and graceful way to present yourself at office in cold season.Provided how to style them with other outfits .Check out how to wear long coat with different outfits for chic look. If you work in a corporate environment then you could wear a suit with close toed shoes to keep you warm in winters. osiers, and close-toed shoes? The best way to dress up is by keeping your personal style. You can always keep in mind that light colours are very appropriate for office wear. You could select a dark inner with a light colour coat. For shoes you can wear cool boots or wedges that are comfortable and stylish. Office attire should show your personality as sophisticated. You need to express yourself through your outfits.

A good appearance is must for office, it will help you gain attention and a lot of success im future. Now that all depends on you and your thinking.  Here we have some images from where you could take plenty of ideas. You could wear a gorgeous hang bag and carry it. Make sure you don’t wear too much of heavy clothes to work. It will ruin the personality.  Hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog post. Spell your magic at work with your different and unique attires.Lets look at the complete collection.

Ideas What to Wear at work in winters for Decent Look.

Skirt with Long Boots.

 How to wear suits at office.




Leather Jackets to wear at office.


Sunglasses at job.

Accessories to wear at office.

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

20 Latest Style Wedding Sherwani For Men and Styling Ideas

 Looking for latest style Wedding sherwani for men ? Ideas how to wear and style sherwani for a elegant look?From where to by best designers sherwani yet in affordable/cheap prices? Outfit trends bring 25 Modern sherwani Designs for men and tips to wear them .

Sherwani is a traditional wedding outfit not just for the grooms but also for the other men attending a function. It is usually worn at Indian and Pakistani weddings. Men look really classy with the attire. I am sure many of you would want to know more about Sherwani’s since it’s a wedding season. Therefore we bring you ideas.You will usually find men wearing it on wedding occasions. It is one of those dress that brings a regal look. So, if you are looking for a wedding sherwani to wear it on any occasion there here are some ideas along with do’s and don’t that you need to keep in mind while purchasing it.

In the last post we talked about latest style groom mehndi dresses. Before purchasing make sure that the fabric is of good quality. A low grade fabric will ruin the look. Don’t go for any material that is cheap as it will be poor in quality. To get a good material you need to spend a good amount of money. In order to look elegant you need to keep this in mind. No matter how good the embroidery is on it, you will fail to look good if the fabric is not of superior quality.At weddings people keep their eyes on everyone and some also evaluate and criticize.  So you need to make an impression by looking good. Moreover, at weddings there is a lot of competing with others wearing a classy outfit.

Secondly the most important thing to keep in mind is the sherwani colour. Dark colors are most preferably than light colors. Dark colors are bright and vibrant. They make one look more confident. When you go out for the shopping, don’t be in a hurry. Analyse every sherwani and try it on yourself. Make sure that your sherwani is well fitted and the color suits you.Then comes one more important aspect. Which is your size and fitting.

The worst thing you can do is choose a sherwani that does not fit you well. So when you visit the store, look for sherwani’s that

are specifically made for your body type. Ill-fitted sherwani will not make you look good. Color, size, design, pattern and everything else should also suit you. Fitting is very essential for example, if you are very slim and smart then you might want to buy a sherwani with padded shoulders. It will make you look fit and perfect. Moreover, you would never feel comfortable in a sherwani that does not fit you.

If you want to wear shawlar kameez with waist coat then check out 12 best shalwar kamiz combinations for elegant look.To enjoy the celebration one needs to be comfortable in his clothes. Comfort comes first.Then you need to make sure about the designs, embroidery and print.You need to make sure that the colour of your sherwani matches and suits your skin tone. For example, a light colored sherwani with large prints or embroidery would not complement you if you are healthy. Go for very simple and subtle wear. Do not buy a sherwani that does not complement you at all.

Hope you had a great time reading the post and we have some pictures attached to the post so that you can take plenty ideas from it.

 Ideas to Wear Sherwani – Latest Sherwani Fashion Trends.


 Buy from



 Celebrities Sherwani Style.

Pakistan bridal Couture Sherwani collection.


Buy above Silk-Embroidered-Sherwani from here

Indian bridal Couture Sherwani collection.



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Monday, 29 December 2014

22 Cute Kids Winter Outfits-Beautiful Babies Winter Dressing

This winter make your kids look comfortable and stylish with some cute kids winter clothes. Look for some mix and match styles that are trendy this season. We bring you lots of ideas on how you could dress up your kid for winters.

In the last post we talk about latest kids fashion trends.This season, keep your kids warm in lots of layers. Try and avoid the old traditional single jacket look. Try and achieve an interesting look for your kid. Knitwear and quilted fabrics are very famous this season. They will keep the kids in style and warm at the same time.

Knitwear is very comfortable and cozy for this season. You can easily get matching cap and sweater sets. For winters you can build up layers with different outfits. Cardigans, knit scarves and mittens are must in winters. Different designs and Nordic inspired patterns are available. Browns and flannel greys are perfect colours for winters.

Most comfortable outfits for winters are quilted vests. They are great pieces to keep your kids warm. Very thick and warm material to keep the body heat. Kids must love them. You can make your kid wear a warm flannel shirt inside.Wool knitted sweater and polyester vests are very affordable. You can purchase them for the kids wardrobe. Nothing feels more comfortable than this warm material. It looks amazing on the body. Pair it up with a denim jeans and a jacket.

Colorful casual blazers are a good pick for winters. Kids look cute in colourful outfits. There are different material and fabric options for blazers. It’s best to stick with blazers as they are very comfortable. Whether it’s a girl or a boy. They both would look very nice in blazer. Girls and boys look cute in casual look. Make them effortlessly stylish in warm clothes. Layering with sweatshirt is also a good option for winters.Even if you have a very less budget you will end up buying great clothes on value deals. You can get some cute outfits for girls and boys. If you are planning to take your kid out on the Christmas eve then you can get Christmas sweaters online and from the markets very easily.Kids look really cute in beanie hats and feel comfortable too .Check out 17 cute beanie hats for kids.

If your childrens are fan of Disney world then you can always go of some cute Disney outfits for kids.Not to worry even it’s snowing outside. Let it snow because your kid will stay warm head-to-toe Christmas clothes. You can buy the entire set which includes the outfit, coat, gloves, shoes, socks, muffler and a beanie. Girls can get some cute frocks with laces and embroidery and boys can get a hoody to wear on top of the shirt.

Here we have some of the images from the kids winter fashion collection. The image comprise of different outfits, designs, blazzers, jackets, sweaters etc. You can make up your mind easily when you have the complete images with the full outfits. Hope you enjoyed reading today’s post. Good luck styling your little one .

Kids Winter Street Style.



Stylish Jacket for Babies .


Baby Boy Fashion Blogger.

Fur coat and Scarf.

Baby Boy and Girl Street Style Fashion.


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