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17 Cute Spring Date Outfits and Ideas for a Sexy Date Look

It’s that time of year where your wardrobe starts to come back life and the huge trench coats, woolly jumpers, hats and gloves get put away for another year. But what is the ideal spring date outfit? What accessories should be used? how to do a makeup for spring date?Well Outfit Trends is here to help ease those stresses and make your spring date a very memorable one indeed.


Nine out of ten girls will venture towards a dress for a first date and why not? Dresses are a simple solution to any outfit dilemma. They are fantastic for showing of key features such as legs, shoulders and waistline and will easily create a stunning silhouette. Why not go for a sassy yet innocent lace dress? Lace is a great fabric and seeing as most lingerie is made from, or contains an element of lace, what better fabric for a first date? Match a lace dress with a pair of cute girly sandals for a truly vintage look.


If a dress is not really your thing but you still want that girly flair why not go for a striking skirt with a plain button-up top? A bold colour will show your fun side and also promote confidence. If you’re anything like me and not a huge fan of showing off your legs then why not match a skirt to knee high boots? Knee high boots are a great way to hide your legs but still wear skirts. Not only do knee high boots boost confidence but they will also add an appealing sense of attitude to an outfit. They should have a slight heel to them but choose the height wisely! Too high a heel can denote domination and a ‘my way or the highway’ image whereas complete flat soled boots can give a sense of being too casual. Both of which can scare off your date so getting the perfect footwear is essential.

Accessories and Make-Up

Bright coloured sunglasses are a fun and simple accessory for a spring date outfit as they keep spring colours alive. Try to stray away from heavily patterned sunglasses as these can take attention away from your outfit. Instead go for block colours. Any jewellery should ideally be floral, yet simple and matching with your style. Key colours for spring are green, yellow, purple and pink. With daffodils and tulips growing as well as the trees becoming once again green, these colours scream spring and will keep your outfit in tune with nature as well as bring out features such as eyes and lips. Make-up should be bright and fun. Not too bright like you’re going to a rave, but comfortably bright. Your makeup should allure your date not frighten them!

Must check out date outfits for summers and winters date ideas also if the weather shifts to either side in case. Now take a look at the images below and create your own spring date look. Remember, spring is that time of year where everything comes to life, make sure your date outfit does the same! Have fun!

 First date outfit springcute spring date outfits (8)

cute spring date outfits (2)



cute spring date outfits (4)

 Teen girls Spring Date Dress.

cute spring date outfits (5)

 Short Date Dress for Tall Girls.cute spring date outfits (1)

cute spring date outfits (6)

 Dress to Impress.

cute spring date outfits (7)


casual date outfit idea


cute spring date outfits (9)

 Skirt with Long Boots.

cute spring date outfits (10)

 Spring Date Night Outfit Combination.

cute spring date outfits (11)

 Why not to copy a Selena Gomez Simple Yet Stunning Look?

cute spring date outfits (12)

 This Dress will Surely make him fall for you .

cute spring date outfits (13)

 Spring is all about colors .Try floral Upper with a simple top and jeans.A perfect Day time date outfit.

cute spring date outfits (14)

 Polka dot Long dress is yet another trending style these days for spring season.

cute spring date outfits (15)

 A Sexy outfit with a perfect hairstyle for date.

cute spring date outfits (16)

cute spring date outfits (17)

 Simple and Classic.

cute spring date outfits (18)


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16 Popular Spring Street Style Outfits Ideas For Women

Are you looking for some best spring street style ideas for women? Well if you are then this post is for you all. This spring is all about bright and vibrant colors. It is time for you to pick up some great prints and tons of accessories to wear. Keep your warm clothes in your closet and get crazy designs and short dresses  for spring season.

You can explore a huge spring outfit collection at the last post we talked about 18 Best Spring Casual Outfits for Girls to Try This Season.Today our focus is only going to be about the street style outfits for women who can wear new stylish dresses in spring season. If you want to know how you can score the best outfits of this season then keep reading the post. You all must agree to the fact that getting dressed can be a little difficult at times and specially when you have to choose new clothes for a new season. Obviously, you can not wear warm clothes in spring. You must know what outfit you should select for this season. Your approach should be minimal when it comes to fashion. The dresses should be suitable and comfortable to wear for everyday.

Tunic tops are also a great choice to pick up this season. If you like Bohemian style, surely this will click your mind. It is one of the most sophisticated style any women would want to select. Embroidered tops and boho outfits can add more charm to your spring closet. You can wear accessories of your choice with the outfits if you like them. Jeans would work well with the tunic tops. A pair of nice flats or sandals will compliment the entire look.

To help you out, we have picked up the best spring outfits combinations  wore by top fashion bloggers this season. That will be a  great guide for you all throughout the season. You can wear shorts, printed trousers, maxi’s, floral print dresses, midi skirts, embroidered boho outfits, denim jeans etc. There are plenty options to choose. The most important thing to know about the spring clothing is to find what works for you the best. You should try on and experiment before going out. Keep trying the spring outfits and wear whatever suits you the most.

This season the emphasis will not remain only on one simple kind of look. The style and fashion keeps changing. Check out the pictures below to know what is hot this season. These images will give you plenty of ideas for street style fashion. When you finish reading the post do let us know what style would you prefer for spring and what accessories you would like to add to your shopping list.

The famous fringe style .


Cotton Print Shirt .


Embroidered Boho Valentino Versions .


Perfect Red Combination .



Floral Frock Style .


Printed Skirts and Shirt Combination .


Chic Style Short Dress .


Midi Skirt Style .


Floral Perfection Maxi .


Print Mixing Street Style .


White All The Way .


Printed Trousers For Spring .


Red And White Combination .


Jumpsuit for Spring Season .


Crop Top With Skirt .


Short Dresses Style .



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Test Post from Outfit Trends

Test Post from Outfit Trends

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Awesome Outfits Ideas to Wear at Carnival for Chic Look

Everybody loves a good carnival. With the bright colours, fantastic glittering outfits, music and dazzling lights who wouldn’t? But what would you wear when going to such an amazing event? Well here at Outfit Trends we are going to bring to you some ideas of how to dress up fro carnival , it will serve as a complete carnival dressing guide for you.

Carnival theme Make-Up and Accessories

Bright make-up is ok for a carnival visit however too bright and you may end up looking like part of the show. To avoid this mishap try to stick to pleasant tones such as pinks and blues, or why not natural ones such as bronzes or browns. These shades will make eyes and lips a feature rather than make you look like a clown. A touch of glitter is appropriate but make sure you do not over do it!

Accessory wise, try and keep this minimal. Once again too much gold or silver can result in you blending in with the amusements. Coloured jewellery such as charm bracelets, anklets and necklaces are ideal for a carnival as they keep colours alive. If there are rides at this carnival then it may be wise to invest in jewellery which is not so expensive, this way if it is lost it does not really matter.

Tops to wear at A Carnival

Solid print or pop art tops are great for carnivals. They keep bright colours and will also bring a sense of fun to the day. Tank tops are especially during summer and these come in such a vast amount of styles, prints and colours finding the perfect one for you will be a breeze. Tops which have a 3D element to them are brilliant too. They add a touch of volume and create the illusion of a 3D image. If it’s a bit chilly out there why not add a denim jacket or a hoody? These will not only keep you warmer, especially on an evening but will also match your outfit beautifully.via

Great Carnival Bottoms

The most common type of bottoms at a carnival is the denim shorts. They match perfectly with print tank tops and hoodies. They are ideal in summer weather are will definitely get you noticed amongst the carnival rush! Why not go for denim shorts that are not just plain? Boldly coloured ones or even printed ones can look the part. However be careful what top you match these with. Too much pattern and print can look overwhelming and ruin your chosen style. If it’s a touch too cold out there for shorts then floral print or plain skinny jeans are the perfect choices. They will keep your legs warm whilst still clinging to your figure showing off your legs. Match jeans and shorts to sneakers to complete that carnival look. Not only are sneakers great for any outfit, but they are also flat which is ideal considering the amount of walking you will be doing.via

From these images you can better judge what to wear at carnival for chic look.The carnival party outfits varies from theme to theme and depends where you are attending it.

The list of Ten most famous Carnivals Around The World is as under.

  1. Carnival of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

  2. The Carnival of Cultures Berlin ,Germany

  3. The Fastnacht or Karneval, in Köln, Germany

  4. Carnival in Aalborg

  5. Basler Fastnacht, or the Carnival of Basel, Switzerland

  6. Winter Carnival in Quebec

  7. Carnival of Venice, Italy

  8. The Carnivalin the Caribbean, in Trinidad and Tobago

  9. The Carnival of Nice France

  10. Margi Gras Carnival

Ideas to Dress up for Carnival. Carnival Festival Outfits.

Carnival outfit ideas


carnival outfit ideas

how to dress up for carnival

Cruise with Carnival

carnival theme party dress

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12 Cute Mori Girl Outfits and Style tips for Mori Girl Look

Mori is Japanese for ‘Forest’ so straight away the thought of earth and nature is there. This would be the correct assumption for the style of a Mori Girl. All things natural and simple. In this article Outfit Trends will bring to you the tips and tricks of how to dress Mori along with some cute mori style outfits.


Make-up for a Mori Girl is very straight forward. Keep in mind natural tones and colours are a must so when choosing eye-shadows stay along the lines of bronze, beige and brown. Make-up should be minimalist and if possible avoided at all cost. The whole idea of Mori is natural so why use unnatural items and colours?via

Mori Girl Style Clothing

Mori girl clothing is again natural. Try to venture toward fibres such as wool and cotton. Colour wise stick to brown, beige and even bottle greens. An organic look requires organic shades and fabrics. It is acceptable in this style to use multiple layers as this builds up a natural volume. A top under a jumper under a long coat is a great way to attain the Mori look. All Mori clothing does not have to be body focused, or fitted, it can be as baggy and as simple as you like. An extra-large silhouette is perfect in the Mori image. In fact the Mori girl is more likely to be found in clothing which is too big for her so why not be daring and instead of buying your usual size, go for a couple of sizes bigger. This style also goes hand in hand with vintage junkies and the hippie styles so why not have a look at the Styles for the Modern Hipster too. Beware though! Even though these styles have similar qualities, the Mori girl is much more natural and in keeping with the forest feel. Have a look at some of the images below to avoid these mix ups.via. It will be a great Guide to Mori Kei Forest girl style.

Mori Girl HairStyle Ideas

Plaits, pony tails and straight are all ways which are frequently seen to have your hair. Accessorise your hair with lace and flowers (real flowers preferably). These are both great ways to add colour and a pretty and carefree touch to your hairstyle without looking to prim and proper. Think fairy or even The Lady of Shallot, both of these images are a fantastic inspiration to any girl wanting to know the perfect ways to look Mori.There are many mori girl accessories availibe you can keep experimenting these looks.It is highly recommended to keep a mori girl checklist.

Shoes to Wear With Mori Style Outfits.

The Mori girl is more likely to be seen wearing flat soled ankle, calf or knee high boots with a rounded toe. This not only protects your feet from the forest ground but with provide a softer look. Any footwear should be made from leather, fur, or even cotton because they are all natural materials. Cotton plimsolls are a good choice during summer for a Mori girl. Moccasins and slippers are occasionally seen too. Why not experiment with these shoe styles and create your own Mori girl look?

Remember, the Mori girl look is all about being and looking natural, about being one with nature. Picture yourself living in a forest and use these tips to create your own Mori image.Lets see some pictures of some cute girl in mori clothes.You can get lot of ideas from these images as how to get a perfect mori look.Good Luck.


Forest girl outfits

Autumn Japanese Mori Girl Style

Yama style outfits

 Mori girl taobao

Winter mori girl fashion

Pastel blue Mori Girl

Mori Girl with Cult Party Kei influences

Mori girl life style

Mori girl in uggs

Mori girl college outfit

Long dress for mori girls

Hairstyle for mori girls

Mori girls boots

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