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Sexy Leather Dresses -12 Stylish ways to Wear Leather Dress

We know that how much women are obsessed about wearing stylish Leather Dresses .Lots of girls are asking question on different  forum how to wear leather outfits? how to style leather dress with other outfits? latest leather dressing fashion etc.Outfit Trends bring answers to all these questions in this post for you.Stay focused .


Leather is one of the most stylish fabric this season. Whether it’s skinnies or skirts, it is the classic fabric we love all year round. Plenty of leather materials are added to the outfit to add more class to it. Today we’ll share some amazing leather styling ideas.

You will see leather everywhere. Leather styling can be done in many ways such as leather jackets, sleeves, panels, metallic satchels, leather pockets or shiny lining. Shiny and matte finish are gorgeous contrast fabrics to enhance the leather looks. This season leather dresses are trending and fashion shows are fulling sexy leather outfits.Many top celebrities and fashion models are now spotted in these dresses off and on.

Leather clothing beautifies the fashion factor in an outfit. Trying out leather trousers with a top instead of jeans would do no harm. Also styling a leather dress with heels would be a perfect evening look.

Leather Jackets.

Leather jackets have always been in fashion. It carries a rich style statement. It completely changes the look. I would always suggest not to wear black jacket specially in the day time.So all the girls who are looking for ideas how to wear leather dress in winter , there is plenty of great ideas here. The others colors you can wear are maroon or oxblood and dark green. There are number of colors and options. Baby blues and pinks, mint and beige have been quite popular. Wear it with pants or jeans while styling a leather jacket.

Leather tees and Dresses.

Leather dresses and tees are totally in fashion. When it comes to leather, I am not in favor of very fitted and body con dresses since leather as a material itself makes quite a statement. It should be lose.

Leather Pants

Leather pants with a tee could be the coolest outfit ever. If you look around for leather street style you will find many varieties. H&M, Mango, Debenhams etc. have an amazing variety. Since the pants are a bold statement, make sure the rest of your outfit is simple. you can see how to wear leather pants with other outfits for glamorous look from here.

Leather Shorts

Well leather shorts are worn in summers . You can see great styling tips regarding leather shorts here.


 Here are few Simple Tips how to style your leather dress :-

  • Little black dress toughened up with a leather jacket and statement piece necklace.

  • Black sleeve mini dress with printed cute scarf and black leather belt hand bag and brown leather long boots.

  • White floral lace dress and black leather jacket and black clutch and booties.

  • Leather jacket, lace dress with black leggings

  • Black leather look dress from Gareth Pugh featuring panels of geometric shaped leather look fabric, funnel neck, structured shoulders, with a tight fit.

  • White drop waist dress, leather jacket and a cross body.

  • Leopard dress in black and white with leather jacket.

  • Black prism designed shirt dress with a brown leather belt, Dolce & Gabbana handbag and dark ankle boots inspired by Taylor.

  • Stripped summer dress, leather vest and flats.

  • Two toned jacket with camel body and black leather sleeves, black leather booties and shorts with black tights and top.


Following images will show you perfect way to style these dresses.Lets have a look.


Images source @Pinterest


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How to Wear Tulle Skirt?15 Trendy Ways to Style Tulle Skirt

Looking for stylish Tulle skirts this season ? Ideas how to wear tulle skirts with different outfits for glamorous look?well You are at a right place. Because we bring some great  tulle skirts styling tips.

Tulle or you may call it net,  is a very  lightweight and fine netting material. This material is generally made from fibers, including , nylon, silk, and rayon. Tulle most commonly used for wedding gowns , veils , and now extensively being used in Skirts.

There is something impressive about the new tulle skirts style that can make any girl and women to trip in it, whether you are seven years of age or more than forty years who declined to go back in their dreams of childhood like they are dancing in cloud of feathery tutus. Now there are some reasons that any girl should own this tulle skirts because again the fashion of tulle skirts is on top of list. These are the most girlish and fairies pieces for every women.

Tulle can be styled in different ways.You can wear them for different occasions .From casual to formal , street style to funky look tulle just give a stunning look.You can also wear it as a work wear too.If you are confuse what shoes/sandals to wear with tulle skirts the the safest way is to style them with high heels.It will always go in matching with these skirts and gives a chic look.  I would like to tell you about a few styling tips regarding the wearing of tulle skirt in an easy manner.
1. Hip and sexy

Sensation like channeling a fresh, hip modern mostly girls want to look today? Then take out your favorite tulle skirts and have a pair with something sexiest like as a corset or a top to get a glorious and perfect look while wearing it all the day. This style will suit you and give you a stunning look that you can simply create and pull this off.
2. Street Style with Tulle Skirt

Take the tulle skirts to streets  by wearing cozy pieces like a blouse, chambray or denim shirts. The combination with every day regular items with tulle that can make a girly outfit and anyone can wear on smart streets without any tension. You can dress up in this without feeling too dainty and girly.
3. Casual Look

Try wearing  black tulle skirt with the combination of 3D and graphic shirts or tartan shirts along with multi combo rings for casual look.Your presence looks like as edgy and girly. Keep in mind that always wear tulle skirts with casual shirts.
4. Girly and soft

If you are a kind of that girl who always likes to indulge herself in ultra feminine, dainy pieces and soft ,then believe me this skirt is the best choice. As we know that it is already a dainty and girly .They best way is to wear it with pastel colors or soft lovely neutrals.

Following images are going to give you perfect illustration of what has been mentioned before.Lets view the collection.

Amazing Ideas to Wear Tulle Skirts with Other Outfits for Chic look.



Buy above Stylish Midi Tulle Skirt from Here



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14 Cool Toe Rings - Ideas How to Wear Toe Rings For chic Style

As we all know that toe Rings fashion is in trend since late 90’s. This toe fashion is mush attractive and almost every girl now loves to wear them along with other jewelry. It’s give you an attractive look in your complete personality. Expensive and trendy toe fashion rings is basically a matter of good choice.Common questions which every girl has in mind are,How to wear Toe rings, on which finger to wear toe ring, how to make toe rings your self at home?when to wear toe rings? what are the different types of toe rings etc etc. Well all these questions will be answered here.Just stay focused .

These rings are very easy to wear and remove.You can wear toe rings with all the outfits depending on the occasion. Mostly girls wear them in summer season with jeans.You should wear these rings on the 2nd finger of your foot next to thumb.But there is no hard and fast rule for this.Girls who love to go funky,they wear multi toe ring combos.There are  variety of  stylish toe rings designs that has been introduced again by  well known fashion designers.You have a variety of trendy toes rings changeable from the delicate stuff to fully round style in shape. New designs of toes rings  are superb and especially designed which designers kept in their mind while designing those latest trends of wearing toes rings. I would like to share different styles with all the fans.

1. Small design of toes rings

2. Medium design of toes rings

3. Large designs of toes rings

Small Design Toes Rings

These designs are much attractive with the regard to their exclusive style as well as versatility. Incredible designs are now here in these innovative collections of toes rings that are really wonderful. Women can take them as casual wear or formal purpose according to their choice. Beautiful combinations of color beside  up-to-date designing have made toes rings among all latest fashion. Teenage girls really love to wear such rings..

Medium design toes rings 

It is another incredible variety of toes rings. Medium design toes rings are generally recommended all the women having round face cut shape. Marble toes rings as well as other modish stuff that has been launched in medium size of the toes rings are really trendy these days.Use of medium toe rings are preferred mostly in semi casual occasions.To further enhance the beauty of your feet , try putting matching color nail polish with the ring colors.The images given below give great ideas to wear toes rings with different color of nail polish.

Large design of toes Rings 

The large size of toes rings appear really elegant to those ladies having small size of face cut. Large size of ring enhances the innocence of ladies at every age. Both pin styles and rings that have been designed only for ladies who have different choices.  Now let’s see the gorgeous colors of the modernism. You will be pleased to see the incredible chain style of toes that will definitely make you feel more flimsy. Women can also wear these on marriages where they simply look rocking.


Bead Design.

DIY Toe Ring.  One of the best thing i like about foot jewelry is , you can always make the things your self .You can easily make the toe rings yourself with little creativity.Beaded DIY toe ring is very popular way used make at home.

Silver Sterling  Toe Rings.

Silver Toe Rings with Stones.

Heart Shape Toe Ring.

Mutli Combo.

Stylish Anklet with Toe ring.

Floral Toe Ring


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15 Easy and Simple Hijab Tutorials for Beautiful Look

Looking for ideas how to  wear hijab elegantly? Simple Hijab Tutorial? Tips to style hijab for beautiful look ? Well we understand that Hijab fashion is at its peak these days.Such questions are in every girl mind . That is why we bring answers for all these question in this post.

Hijab also known as veil or head scarf is often worn by Muslim women. Hijab is an Arabic word which means to hide from view. Hijab does have a significant role in Islam but is also famous in the western countries. There are several ways how hijab could be styled to add the finishing touch to the face.It can be styled in several ways according to individual preference. Al Amira and the Shayla style is famous in the Gulf countries. In western region hijab is styled in different ways like platted scarf, stylish twisted scarfs, knotted scarfs, fancy fabric scarfs etc.

Accessories on top of the hijab or head scarf can multiply the beauty of the hijab. It can be styled with headbands, pins, funky clips or laces. A colorful printed hijab with a simple outfit can make you look classy. Hijab with jeans is a very popular trend these days for a chic look .You can see amazing ideas how to wear hijab with jeans from here.

Many girls wear it to add grace to their personality but choosing the right hijab style can be a little bit tricky. It is important to style the hijab that suits your face shape. Oval face shape is considered as the best one to style your hijab.

Hijabs can be used and wrapped around the face in various styles. Now a days different types of hijabs are available such as net and sequin scarfs, Spanish wrap, triangle scarf, one piece al amirah. Some hijabs are available in stitched form.


Next thing is to make sure about your chin while styling hijab. You exactly know your face type so if you think your forehead is wider than chin,try to  balance out the width of the forehead with volume around the neck and chest. Try wearing embellished scarves with ruffles. Mona style hijabs have draping at the front that softens the look of a pointed chin.

Now a day hijab is transformed in many different ways that it is known for hijab in style. It is now not only considered a simple ritual but also a stylish trend that add sparks and grace. The latest trend is the frock with a scarf.

If we talk about hijab styling then you might want to know about Mona erieba who is known as a great trendsetter of evening hijab since she has blended the casual touch with formal or festivity hijab style. She has been famous for setting a trend among all the girls. Don’t forget to check out her tutorials online.


Some of the great hijab styling tips according to your face share are as follow :

Square shaped face :

Kuwait hijabs are suitable for square shaped face. They soften the features. Avoid Turkish hijab style.

Round shaped face :

Turkish hijab style are perfect for round shaped face. It will enhance the features. Avoid super tight hijabs.

Long shaped face :

Shorten your face with under-caps. Al Amirah will suit the best. Avoid hijab styles that lengthen the face.

The Rectangular Face :

The hijab style for rectangular faces is to make sure you lengthen your face with the style. Keep your forehead visible and bring the hijab a bit closer to your face from the sides.


Step by step method to Wear Hijab :

  • Fold the scarf into a triangle.

  • Place scarf on your head with one side longer than the other and one under the chin.

  • Take longer side and wrap it behind your head and bring it to the other side.

  • Put the scarf behind your head and at the shoulder.


Other than the face shape one needs to make sure that they don’t completely hide their forehead. If you wear a under cap or an under scarf it should be set properly. Another useful tip for wearing hijab is to avoid wearing camel hump style, or African style that has really high stiff fold.

Following Collection of 15 Step by step Hijab Tutorials is an ultimate guide to modern hijab fashion .You can choose any method from these according to your face type of whatever style you want.

Hope you loved reading about hijab styling.Lets see the collection now .




















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