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12 Cute Mori Girl Outfits and Style tips for Mori Girl Look

Mori is Japanese for ‘Forest’ so straight away the thought of earth and nature is there. This would be the correct assumption for the style of a Mori Girl. All things natural and simple. In this article Outfit Trends will bring to you the tips and tricks of how to dress Mori along with some cute mori style outfits.


Make-up for a Mori Girl is very straight forward. Keep in mind natural tones and colours are a must so when choosing eye-shadows stay along the lines of bronze, beige and brown. Make-up should be minimalist and if possible avoided at all cost. The whole idea of Mori is natural so why use unnatural items and colours?via

Mori Girl Style Clothing

Mori girl clothing is again natural. Try to venture toward fibres such as wool and cotton. Colour wise stick to brown, beige and even bottle greens. An organic look requires organic shades and fabrics. It is acceptable in this style to use multiple layers as this builds up a natural volume. A top under a jumper under a long coat is a great way to attain the Mori look. All Mori clothing does not have to be body focused, or fitted, it can be as baggy and as simple as you like. An extra-large silhouette is perfect in the Mori image. In fact the Mori girl is more likely to be found in clothing which is too big for her so why not be daring and instead of buying your usual size, go for a couple of sizes bigger. This style also goes hand in hand with vintage junkies and the hippie styles so why not have a look at the Styles for the Modern Hipster too. Beware though! Even though these styles have similar qualities, the Mori girl is much more natural and in keeping with the forest feel. Have a look at some of the images below to avoid these mix ups.via. It will be a great Guide to Mori Kei Forest girl style.

Mori Girl HairStyle Ideas

Plaits, pony tails and straight are all ways which are frequently seen to have your hair. Accessorise your hair with lace and flowers (real flowers preferably). These are both great ways to add colour and a pretty and carefree touch to your hairstyle without looking to prim and proper. Think fairy or even The Lady of Shallot, both of these images are a fantastic inspiration to any girl wanting to know the perfect ways to look Mori.There are many mori girl accessories availibe you can keep experimenting these looks.It is highly recommended to keep a mori girl checklist.

Shoes to Wear With Mori Style Outfits.

The Mori girl is more likely to be seen wearing flat soled ankle, calf or knee high boots with a rounded toe. This not only protects your feet from the forest ground but with provide a softer look. Any footwear should be made from leather, fur, or even cotton because they are all natural materials. Cotton plimsolls are a good choice during summer for a Mori girl. Moccasins and slippers are occasionally seen too. Why not experiment with these shoe styles and create your own Mori girl look?

Remember, the Mori girl look is all about being and looking natural, about being one with nature. Picture yourself living in a forest and use these tips to create your own Mori image.Lets see some pictures of some cute girl in mori clothes.You can get lot of ideas from these images as how to get a perfect mori look.Good Luck.


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