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18 Facny Abaya Desgins - Ideas How to Wear Abaya Fashionably

All the fashionistas looking for latest style fancy abaya designs and ideas how you can wear them to look glamorous this post is for you.Outfit Trends bring 18 trendy fashionable abayas this season.Stay Focused to get some highly valuable tips.


In this modern world, abaya designs are the symbol of grace, elegance and fashion. Muslim women would love to wear abaya designs in different patterns and styles in order to get outstanding and beautiful look. Because of increasing popularity, many fashion designers include abayas in their collections. Basically, abaya designs are the combination of unique ideas, dark colors, latest cuts and traditional themes. These days, women would love to wear them  in a wide range of bright colors which gives a graceful and elegant impression to every woman personality.Dubai style abayas are also very trendy these days for modest fashion.

Now the question is that which abaya designs are popular and how Muslim women wear them? Now i would like discuss some of the beautiful pattern in  abayas  that are very popular today and how you can wear them.

  1. Kaftan Abaya Style With Front Knot

The most popular abaya design is Kaftan Abaya style with front knot. As we know that kaftan is considered to be ever green and popular abaya style. Mostly kaftans are adorned with beautiful embroidery work along cuffs and borders. Basically, kaftan abaya style is designed in double shirt. The neckline of kaftan is available in v shape and it is very popular among women. Now the question is that how to wear kaftan? Well, you can wear this style of abaya as party wear.

  1. Abaya Layered Style With Open Sleeves

The second popular  design is abaya layered style with open or loose sleeves. If you want to have an impressive and elegant look, then you should wear this style of abaya with a beautiful hijab. In this design, the cutting is done in unique layered pattern. Apart from this pattern, loose sleeves are adorned with black and silver sequins and beautiful thread-work.

  1. Multiple Folds Abaya Design With Ban Shape

The last popular and common  design is mutiple folds abaya design with ban shape neckline. Many Muslim women prefer to wear ban shape neckline abaya  in order to add elegant style in their personalities. In this style, abaya is designed with multiple folds. The folds are strengthened along with metal brooch in the front side of abaya. This design is available in so many soft colors such as pink, light purple, light red and many more. Carrying this abaya style will give a beautiful and elegant look to your personality.

On the whole after discussing beautiful abaya designs and ideas to wear them it is easy to conclude that if you want to wear abaya then you should check out these different designs of abayas. These abaya designs will surely add style and grace in your personality.Lets see the collection .From following images you can clearly understand what has been mentioned above.Follow these tips and choose the abaya style according to your wish and you can look as stunning as them.Good Luck.





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