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14 Most Elegant Saree Designs - Saree Wearing Tips and Ideas

Looking for latest saree designs? Ideas how to wear saree for glamorous look ?How to style saree ? Latest Saree fashion trends ? well this post is going to answer all of these questions .Stay Focused. There are amazing ideas for you .


Saree also known as the national dress of India is a female dress or garment. The material is about five to nine yards long. It is the only un stitched garment that has been famous not just in the subcontinent but also abroad.It represents few cultures such as Bangladeshi, Indian and Sri Lankan. Saree is usually worn with a blouse. It’s a short piece till the belly usually with half sleeves.There are plenty ways how saree can be worn. Saree can be styled in about 80 ways. Nivi style, Gujarati style, Kashta style, Bengali/Oriya style, Gond style, Malyali style, kunbi style etc.Indian saree dresses and Pakistani saree dresses are very famous all over the world.

Amongst all of them Nivi still remains the most popular style. Following are varieties of saree fabric such as Chanderi sari, Maheshwari sari, Dhokra silk etc.The production of  saree is still done with handlooms and power looms. In major cities it is all done in mills.

With time colour options and fabric selection has expanded. Famous fabrics are Crepe, Satin, Charmeuse etc. New colours such as Pink, Orange, Brown, Yellow have been added to the palette It is an easy to wear garment. Saree’s have gained a lot of attention even in the west. Brides living abroad also prefer wearing saree’s on their wedding day.Firstly it is important to choose a piece that fits you perfectly and suits your personality. There is a huge variety and variation in designs, prints, fabric, colour etc. Therefore one should know which type of saree will suit them the best.

The most famous type of saree’s are :

Halter neck : It has a back strap that is broad and can be tied up at the neck.

Corset : It is a strapless blouse. It can be worn by ladies who want to show off their toned body and shoulders.

One shoulder : These are netted sarees.

Tie up : Traditional style of blouse with two straps only.

Back strap : People for toned back wear it.

Spider web : Strings are attached to the back.


Here is an easy method on how to do saree draping :

1 – You need to start with the blouse/top on.

2 – You need to wrap and tuck the cloth. Hold the sari till the shorter distance goes from your waist to the floor and the long end can be wrapped around. Adjust it till it reaches the navel.

3 – Drape the plated end. Adjust it to the length you want and then pin it to the shoulder strap of your blouse.

4 – Cover the hip. Pulling the fabric from the top left of the saree until it is fixed. Drape it well along the sides and then tuck it to the navel.

Here are few designs of saree’s  that will give you an insight on saree’s and their designs. I have mentioned some draping styles that are very famous and elegant for any girl to wear.Lets see the collection now .All the dress in this collection are not expensive.These sarees are really elegant yet comes in very affordable range.You can buy these cheap sarees online from here.



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