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25 Cute Vintage Outfits Ideas to get a Perfect Vintage Look

Looking for ideas how to have a perfect vintage look?Well today outfit trends will give you a simple guide on it .This article intends covering the following :-

1- vintage style outfits

2- Hairstyles for a vintage look

3- Vintage Makeup Ideas

4-Footwear to wear with Vintage Dresses

Vintage junkies all over the planet have a soft spot when it comes to vintage clothing. With such a wide spectrum of vintage there is something for everyone when it comes to personal style. Vintage clothing ranges from bold patterns to plain chiffon, from tartan dresses to ripped denim jeans and from 50’s style polka dots to cream and ivory dainty lace. For more ideas in how to dress vintage why not check out our article on Cute Mori Girl Outfits?

Vintage Outfits

Dresses are definitely the easiest of options when trying to achieve a vintage look. Trousers can look too modern and will give you the opposite effect. Dresses and skirts should usually fall into the knee-length category for a true vintage look. The 1920’s Charleston style to the 1950’s rockabilly are all of this length and can include styles such as pleated, ra-ra and A-Line.

Necklines for vintage dresses and blouses can consist of sweetheart, halter-neck and boat-neck shapes so finding a style to suit your shoulder shape is easy as pie. Do not be afraid to go a bit overboard when it comes to lace detail. Lace is a highly respectable fabric and expensive too so is perfect for adding that je ne Sais qua to any vintage apparel. Lace can be added to necklines, cuffs, hemlines and even full boleros and tops. (via) If choosing lace try to keep it of a similar colour to the garment you are wearing. However this rule does not apply if you are going for a vintage rockabilly image.



Vintage rockabilly, or 1950’s style, includes bold colours and patterns such at tartan and polka dots. Sweetheart neck-lines and halter-necks are all the rage as are knee-length hemlines. With this style of vintage it is paramount that your waistline is shaped accordingly and this also goes for the 1940’s. Accessorise fitted dresses and tops with belts for extra shape and style when rocking this look and try to use contrasting colours. Favourite colours for the 1950’s vintage style are red, white, black, yellow and blue, basically all the primaries. For extra flare and shape don’t forget your petticoat! via.


Hair Styles and  Vintage Accessories

Vintage hairstyle also depends on the era you are going for. Pin Up girl style is very well groomed and will be pinned perfectly.( Image via). It is acceptable to have a full fringe and it is a rarity that you will ever see a vintage girl with free flowing locks. Bows, feathers and simple hair slides are great additions to any vintage hairstyle. Be sure to match your hairstyle correctly with its era though! 1950’s will rock out a hair band and bandana style but will also see simple flower clips.






The 1930’s saw the influx of classic and sophisticated finger waves and simple hair clips. This era saw the rise of extreme eyebrow plucking. Eyebrows were tremendously thin which made for a more feminine look. Neutrality began to creep in at this time so make up was kept to cream, ivory and skin tones.






These are just a few hints on how to create a vintage look. Have a look at the images below and create your own personal vintage theme.

Vintage style for Summer season.

cute vintage outfits for women (1)


This lovely chic tells us how to wear a vintage overall fashionably.

cute vintage outfits for women (2)


Denim Short with Floral Top .A simple way to get a Vintage Look

cute vintage outfits for women (3)

 Retro (50’s/60’s) Knee Length Skirt

cute vintage outfits for women (4)

 Vintage Fashion for Teen Girls

cute vintage outfits for women (5)


Colourful Swimwear


Vintage Style for Plus Size Ladies


 Black and White Polka Dots- Street Style



Vintage Hairstyles

Marilyn Monroe Pin Up


 Dita Von Teese Retro Style


 1930’s Finger Wave Style


 1950’s Bandana Style


 1940’s Styles

Retro Blue Capped Sleeve Dress


 Bold Floral Print Dress


40’s Style Swing Dress


Vintage Two Piece 


Shoes to wear with Vintage outfits 

1930’s Oxford Dancing Shoes

1940’s Velvet Mary Janes

1950’s Inspired Rockabilly Heels

Vintage Style T-Bar Heels

Vintage Style Make-Up by Era

1920’s Charleston Make-Up


1930’s Make-Up


1940’s Make-Up


1950’s Rockabilly Style Make-Up


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