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How To Wear Skirts in Winter - 30 Chic Ideas to Style Skirts

Are you confused and wondering how to wear skirts in winters?what outfits to wear with skirts in cold season? No matter how cold the weather is that doesn’t mean that you should not wear dresses and skirts. You can still wear them as there are so many ways in which you can wear skirts. Today we will guide you and show you 30 cute ideas on how you could style skirts in winter with different outfits. There are plenty gorgeous ideas that you can use as an inspiration for your next outfit.

Sweaters with skirt is a great combination for winter season. We will tell you about different sweater and skirt combinations for winter. Wearing skirt with sweater or a jacket and with long boots of your choice will give you a trendy look for this winter. You can add some scarfs or cool tights with the combination along with few accessories like a statement necklace to style the outfit.

You can select different sweaters like a plain one, or an over sized. Sweaters like cropped or a sweater with turtleneck are favorites this season. With that you can style various skirts like long skirts, short skirts, tutu skirts or pencil skirt and tulle skirts.

In this cold weather usually people avoid wearing skirts and take out their pants and jeans from the closet for this season. This way your skirts feel neglected throughout but don’t do that as we will be sharing some fantastic ideas. By wearing tights you can cover your legs and hide yourself up from the cold. Keep changing the style statements so that it adds life to your wardrobe.

You divas can express your style and femininity, by wearing skirts. Do not get discouraged because of the weather. You can keep yourself warm if you choose the right outfit with the appropriate skirt.   In this post you will see 30 winter combinations with skirts. Take a look at the images and see how they have styled their skirts with the right outfits. Scroll down to view more tips.


  • Do not wear the skirts that you wear during summers. Try to go for a skirt that is heavy in material and keeps you warm. It is good to go for materials like denim because it is thick or wool, leather or any other heavy cotton that keeps you warm.

  • Avoid going for too short if it is too cold in your region. The length of the skirts vary and you can choose the type of skirt from maxi, knee-length or mini-skirts. You could also wear leggings under the skirt.

Not just that the skirt should be warm but also your top clothing should also be warm. You could go for long sleeves and wear a coat over it. Wearing a skirt in cold season is not easy but if you know how to style it then there is nothing to worry about it. It can give you a style. Try and follow our ideas and advice. Do not give up because of the cold weather.  Remember not to go out wearing flats. Try wearing shoes or boots that are not open.

Here are the images along with the description so that you can see some of the amazing ideas:

Mini skirt in winter 

This girl knows how to wear the skirt the most stylish way. Bold red top and mini skirt make a crazy combination. Love the purse.

Celebrities winter skirt style

Jessica alba shows us how to wear it to look hot.Gorgeous pair of heels with full skirt and a black top. Loving the look.

Style it with Sweater .

Short grey skirt and a light pink top creates a soft look and this style is perfect for casual daily wear.check out how to style sweater this fall.


Outfit with Midi Skirt in Winter

Our most favorite look by this young lady. Black top and tights with red skirt. Skirt is made up of thick material. She looks fantastic.

Wear it with Leather Jacket.

What could be more attractive than this? Brilliant combination of colours. Love the fedora hat with a side cut skirt and tights.

Ideas to Wear Tights with Skirts 

This is what we were talking about in the post. Covering yourself in this cold weather and playing your fashionista role together. Black tights and mini skirt are the charmers.

Style it with Blazer as Work Wear

This blonde looks perfect with her black and maroon combination. Mostly she has used black in the outfit. Love her hand bag.

Wear it with Long Boots

What a gorgeous combination she makes with black and light peach coat. Absolutely love her boots and top.

With Crop Top.

Green flowy skirt with black crop top made out of wool. Wearing a beautiful statement necklace with glasses. She nails it.

Black women Style

Black leggings with mini skirt. Perfect hand accessory while wearing a black coat over a brown full sleeves top.

Outfits with Maxi Skirt

She knows how to express herself through her style. Black leather jacket with a white top. That is the most amazing combination. Green skirt adds life to her look.

It would be cruel of you to stay away from the skirts this season. Though you can try and avoid wearing it in this cold season. You can still style it. Here is my personal tip that can solve your problem and confusion. You could wear knit tights as they keep warm and cozy. Tight leggings with loose skirts would look great in sense that it will not make you feel cold and keep you comfortable.

When you talk about carrying accessories, you must know that leather accessories and bags are must to keep in your wardrobe. A leather clutch and long leather boots would add charm to the look and personality. We would recommend that layering up yourself with coats, warm boots, warm socks and thick sweaters would be a good choice from being protected from cold. Another option for winters would be wearing velvet tops as it is a thick and warm material plus you can wear it to the parties and any occasion.

We hope that you all diva’s enjoyed reading our post. You must try out these ideas with your outfits. Stay confident and carry a smile on yourself wherever you go. You all will look beautiful.

Animal print.


Funky Street style


Old women Street style with skirts


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